Premium quality

BIG4SPACE is THE ONLY manufacturer of outdoor kitchens, BBQ gazebos and other outdoor equipment using E-coating + Powder coating technology.

Double corrosion protection:

  • Frame: E-coated (inside and outside) and powder coated
  • Side panels: Galvanised and powder coated
  • Worktop: 304 food grade stainless steel

UV (colour fading) protection:

  • Powder coating: 15 years UV stabilised
  • High pressure laminates front doors: 80 years UV stabilised

Read more about E-coating ( Electrostatic coating) automotive industry standard:

The method of the electrophoretic cathode metal coating is a technological process used for coating of metal surfaces with a thin, solid and corrosion-resistant paint layer.

The prepared parts are coated in a paint bath (~ 20 m3), where paint using an electrical current is precipitated onto a cathode. The excess paint is washed off to get an even coating and dried at high temperature ~ 200 °C.

Coating process ensures an even and desired thickness coating for any geometrically complicated structures as well as for inner cavities of the parts. It is a standard method of coating used in the automotive industry for more than 25 years.

E-coating comply with requirements of automotive corrosion resistance standards such as: VW TL260 + TL227 , BMW GS 90011 LASW3, DBL 7391.50 and many more.

Premium quality outdoor kamado tables. Made to last years ourdoors. Fits any size kamado grills: Kamado Joe classic I, II, III, Big Green Egg Large, Monolith classic, Primo LG300, Big Joe I, II, III, Big Green Egg XL, Monolith le Chef, Primo XL400 and many more.