KamadoSpace Stainless Steel Worktop


When choosing your KamadoSpace table worktop, note the outer diameter of your Kamado grill, and pick the most suitable one. For the exact diameter of the worktop cutout, see detailed specifications.


Once you submit your interest in futher step, a local dealer will contact you to process your order.


Just like appetite, Kamado grills come in different sizes. The appetite rises when you frequently grill and smoke, and when the current kamado no longer feeds all, it is common to purchase a larger one. Which, unfortunately, may no longer fit into the smaller diameter cutout on your previously purchased KamadoSpace table.

Luckily, when you change your kamado to a bigger one, all you have to do is to buy a new stainless steel worktop for KamadoSpace, and place it on the table in place of the old one. (Where to put the old one? Well, perhaps Facebook group’s like-minded people can advise?).

The tabletop is made of carefully polished acid-resistant stainless steel, is heat-resistant, easy to wash and maintain. A precisely circular (or oval) hole is cut in the countertop with a laser to perfectly fit the selected kamado model.

Made in the EU.

Detailed specification

SizeWidth: 1600 mm / 63 in
Depth: 818 mm / 32.2 in
Height: 25 mm / 1 in
Weight11.5 kg / 25.6 lbs
MaterialAISI 304 Stainless steel; 1.2 mm / 0.05 in
Cutout diameterCutout diameter varies by grill model:
Kamado Space 16" - 430 mm / 16.93 in
Kamado Space 19" - 500 mm / 19.69 in
Kamado Space 20" - 540 mm / 21.26 in
Kamado Space 21" - 560 mm / 22.05 in
Kamado Space 22" - 575 mm / 22.64 in
Kamado Space 22" + hinge - 575 mm / 22.64 in (with extra space for hinges)
Kamado Space 23"/24" - 620 mm / 24.41 in
Kamado Space 21" Oval - 550x408 mm / 21.65x16.06 in
Kamado Space 24" Oval - 620x460 mm / 24.41x18.11 in
Packaging1 package



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