Price increase announcement

23 March, 2021

Dear customers,

Due to global changes in the market, KamadoSpace got to the point where we need to react and make all supply chain links win, especially end consumers. We regret that steeply rising costs for raw materials necessitate our raising the price of KamadoSpace Infinite Island 15%, effective April 1, 2021.


Metal prices in the whole world have been growing extremely rapidly since November 2020 when we introduced KamadoSpace’s flagman products. The price of all ferrous types of metal took their upward trajectory, including all grades of stainless steel.

A key driver in the rising price of stainless steel is the related price of nickel – a key component in the making of stainless steel, which is being further driven by ever-increasing demand for nickel used in the production of electric vehicle batteries.

The prices for raw materials that we use to in-house manufacture outdoor kitchen islands went up by 35-50% percent in recent months.

Could we withstand?

The majority of product cost increase has been absorbed by continuous improvements in manufacturing and logistics. We’ve been improving material flow and increasing throughput with each batch, we’ve been specialising production and assembly lines, we’ve been fully exploiting trucks and containers (that’s a huge benefit of flat-packs). We have made every attempt to avoid the increase, but we refuse to compromise on quality, on materials.

We’d better offer customers to invest a bit more rather than make less durable, less gorgeous or less meaningful products.

What’s new for this season?

We’ve just launched new trendy high pressure laminate front decors – Olive, Afro Sahara and Carbon Grey. Let’s see how they fight for space in your backyards with so far fast movers Barrique Oak and Fir Platinum.

We discontinued manufacturing models with solid wood fronts. These models required craft manufacturing that, unfortunatelly, could not scale along with the demand.

Throughout the season we’re going to introduce 3 new modules for your outdoor kitchen, all pre-fabricated, with the same HPL front decors so you could continue building your space, unit by unit:

  • a kamado cabinet – for those who need more storage to subordinate to the grill up to 24”. Cabinet is expected to be priced below £2000.
  • an XL Island – for the owners of Big or Extra Large grills up to 28”.
  • a sink unit – to keep you away from indoor kitchen as much as possible.

We look forward to the end of lockdown on the 12th of April, thrilled to meet you in BBQ stores all across UK on the mission to expand BBQ boundaries!

Yours sincerely,
Mindaugas Voldemaras
co-founder, KamadoSpace


and expand Your BBQ space

Smoking and grilling should be enjoyable not only to the gourmands, but also to the master chef of the whole process. Create your ideal environment and let yourself focus on the recipe, improvise and explore the culinary expanses having everything you may need right there at your hand.

olive sahara light dark carbon grey
It is an easy assembly outdoor cooking island for your kamado grill made of stainless or galvanised steel components and panels made of HPL  – extreme weather resistant, easy to clean high-pressure laminate made in Austria. HPL panels are frost and heat resistant under constant temperature load -80 °C to 80 °C. HPL panels come printed on both sides. The core is flame-retardant and the surface is lightfast. Extreme weather protection consists of double-hardened acrylic polyurethane resins. Unlike solid wood, HPL is absolutely no-maintenance material. Abrasion, impacts, scratches and extreme temperature variations – none of these will be an issue from now on. All metal components are either stainless steel or galvanised and powder-coated steel to protect against scratches, bleaching, heat, frost, corrosion, and any other weather influence.

Note: RRP is subject to change to £2399 on 1/4/2021